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Exploring Further

If you enjoyed the Exploring Cuba collection, you may also enjoy the following collection.

The Deena Stryker Photographs Collection - Duke University

The Deena Stryker Photographs collection contains photographs and related materials generated by the journalist, then known as Deena Boyer, during two trips to Cuba between July 1963 and July 1964. It was during her second trip to the island from December 1963 to July 1964 that she interviewed and photographed Fidel and Raúl Castro as well as other major figures in the Cuban Revolution, including Juan Almeida Bosque, Ernesto "Ché" Guevara, Armando Hart Dávalos, Celia Sánchez Manduley, Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, and others. In addition to images of key members of the Castro government at work and relaxing, the collection documents everyday life in Havana and in rural Cuba, focusing on farms, development projects, and schools. Alberto Korda processed all of Stryker's original 35mm negatives in Cuba creating contact sheets and a few small prints. However only the 35mm negatives have been digitized to date.

The materials in the Stryker collection are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study. Texts and images from this collection may not be used for any commercial purpose without prior permission. 


We would be happy to share links to other collections containing Cuba-related photos that have been made available for educational and research purposes.  Please email with the relevant information.

Exploring Further